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His wealth of knowledge within the Northern California, Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area legal system gives clients an advantage from the start.   If you are looking for great representation from a San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney that will look after your best interests, David Wise would be glad to assist you with any case you may find yourself involved in.   

Even Wtih a Prosecutor, Jury Aquits
    from Staff Reports

A San Francisco defense lawyer who took a risk in his first felony trial by leaving a county prosecutor on a jury in a "three strikes" case won an acquittal Wednesday.

"You've always got to make gut level decisions and trust your instincts," the attorney, Dave Wise, said. "Three strikes is demanding more of us and requiring us to take some risks."

San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Paul Henderson joined 11 other jurors to find Shawn Stith, 22, not guilty of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm -- a 1915 sawed-off rifle. A conviction could have carried a 25-years-to-life prison term under5 the "three strikes" sentencing law.

Police arrested Stith in May 1994 -- two months after the "three strikes"law went into effect -- during a traffic stop two blocks from the Hall of Justice, where Stith had just met with his parole officer. The rifle was found in a knapsack in the trunk of the vehicle.

Stith argued that an alleged admission by the defendant that he owned the weapon wasn't sufficient to convict him, because it had not been recorded by police and was contradicted by the owner of the car, a woman who claimed the rifle as her own.

--San Francisco Daily Journal, Thursday, June 22, 1995.

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